Desired outcomes, recommended actions

Desired outcomes are the ideals or compass points in creating a vision for our community now and in the future. Recommended actions are the possible ways in which these outcomes can be achieved. Some recommended actions in this report are already in progress. Other recommended actions may not have funding and/or appropriate mechanisms for achieving the desired outcomes available at this time, yet the necessary funding or mechanism may be realized in the future. These desires and actions are identified in this report to recognize their importance to our citizens and to help elected officials and other decision-makers prioritize so that these outcomes can ultimately be achieved.

To prepare the Desired Outcomes and Recommended Actions, input from community gatherings and surveys was sorted and analyzed by Vision 2030 committee members into general focus areas. Twelve focus groups reviewed the comments received by more than 1,600 Routt County citizens at the November 2007 Gatherings and through surveys that were conducted in the months following. The focus groups comprised more than 60 community members who are either experts in or closely involved with the area of interest. All participants attended an overview meeting and workshop.

Then they met in individual groups to review the 1994 Vision 2020 focus group notes, the record of the November 2007 Gatherings, and the survey comments to validate the accuracy of the findings. Some areas of interest included more than 20 pages of information. An additional 20 people participated in the transportation focus group using the 1994 Vision 2020 recommendations with input from the Transportation Solutions Group, a group that came together in the fall of 2008 and is facilitated by the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association.

Facilitators and group leaders ensured that participants objectively established outcomes and actions based solely on the comments from the Vision 2030 process and did not promote their own agendas. Each focus group developed desired outcomes and recommended actions that were subsequently divided into 13 categories. They also identified interest groups that might champion the actions and timelines. The outcomes and actions were presented at the four November 2008 community gatherings in Hayden, Clark, Steamboat Springs and Yampa. Participants at these gatherings were asked to rank action items through keypad polling.

What you read on these following pages reflect the desired outcomes and recommended actions developed from the comments, observations and aspirations of the Vision 2030 participants. These are listed in alphabetical order.