These recommendations are proposed by the Transportation Solutions Group.

Desired outcome

Create a multi-modal transportation system of corridors, highways and pathways that will relieve congestion and move people throughout the Yampa Valley in an efficient, environmentally sound, affordable and appealing manner. This system will more effectively link local communities with each other and facilitate regional, national and international connections.

Possible interest groups/stewards

Governmental agencies, commercial interests, individuals, and organizations

Recommended actions Timeframe
  • Establish a local funding source to share and initiate future transportation projects.

    • Establish a Regional Transportation Authority to coordinate the planning, funding and implementation of an integrated transportation system.
short term
  • Expand and develop transit centers throughout the valley. Transit centers are hubs for our multi-modal transportation system comprised of commuter rail lines, walking paths, bike and equestrian trails, tramway, vans, buses and taxis.

    • Seek opportunities to create land bank for future park-and-rides.
    • Continue to develop alternative parking options for ski area access.
    • Upgrade Walton Creek parking lot.
    • Develop transit site at east end of town.
    • Park and ride in Hayden.
    • Park and ride centers to be included for future developments.
mid term
  • Expand our attractive system of paths, walkways and mountain routes in a way that encourages transit use and pedestrian orientation

    • Seek opportunities for easements and pathways for route access.
    • Add bike racks to commercial buildings.
short term and ongoing

Recommended actions Timeframe
  • Expand bus service to airports and throughout the county.

    • Develop transit pods or hubs within the Steamboat area for mountain, Pine Grove; Downtown and West Steamboat areas with interconnecting systems.
    • Collaborate with private businesses and organizations to provide airport and county-wide bus service.
    • Seek van pool options.
    • Consider express buses during certain times of days.
    • Provide heated bus stops.
  • Ensure that local land use planning processes assess the transportation ramifications of all planning and development petitions.

    • Re-configure traffic generation centers (schools, post offices, etc.) to reduce congestion impacts and determine feasibility for local solutions to congestion.
    • Encourage construction of basic commercial services – like grocery stores – in growth centers to reduce unnecessary trips and avoidable traffic congestion.
    • New commercial offices and retail establishments should be located as close as possible to trails, sidewalks and transit stops to encourage transit use and to enable pedestrian access.
short term
  • Preserve rail corridors and opportunities for commuter rail systems to enable future construction of a commuter rail system connecting all parts of the community, distant ski areas, and feeding into a statewide and national passenger train system.
short term and ongoing
  • Continue to seek opportunities to improve local transit and parking within Steamboat Springs.

    • Explore and develop alternative routes through Steamboat Springs.
    • Seek consolidation of shuttle services for traffic reduction and efficiency.
    • Develop ongoing management of shuttles, system and partnerships with shuttle agencies, public private partnerships and company partnerships.
    • Seek opportunities to improve parking capacity and develop systems for parking management.
  • Develop ongoing plans for regional airports.

    • Increased capacity and ramp capacity at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport.
    • Increased general aviation at both airports.
  • Continue to maintain the existing infrastructure for roads and transportation.

    • Upgrade of Routt County roads 129 and 14 for shoulder improvement.
    • Upgrade of Colorado Highway 131 shoulders.
  • Encourage telecommuting and flexible work and school schedules.
  • Phase in expansion and improvement of existing public transit.