The Yampa Valley

“The Yampa Valley has extraordinary people,” was something my mom, Marie Bowes, would often say when I was growing up. There is an incredible spirit of volunteerism within our area that confirms this to me on a daily basis. Folks see a need, and then take action to get it done.

This has rung true for the Vision 2030 project. We were blessed with a very diverse, multitalented and energetic citizens’ committee whose daily occupations range from small business owners to ranchers, a retired military colonel, oil executives, professors, elected officials, and corporate officers. I am grateful for their time, talent, energy and concern for our community. Our group had incredible dedication to their primary role of listening to members of the community about what people value most and how to ensure those values are maintained.

We heard from a very broad cross section of residents – more than five times the number of people who took the Vision 2020 survey answered the Vision 2030 survey. The Vision 2030 Citizens’ Committee made certain that citizens’ concerns and intents were incorporated in this final report. Personal agendas were set aside and the benefit of the community as a whole was placed front and center.

For me, the heart and soul of the Yampa Valley is us – the people who call this amazing place home. Those of us who live here, work here and play here, also volunteer here. Our heritage of community events such as the Routt County Fair, Winter Carnival, Oak Creek’s Labor Day and, even more recently, North Routt’s Coureur du Bois ski race were all born from the spark of an individual’s idea and the volunteer ethic to make it happen. The legacy continues onward as our legions of volunteers continue to make these events happen today.

I am hopeful for the future of the Yampa Valley. Our dedicated and tireless pioneers have left their marks on our landscape and shaped our legacy. Those of us who are now taking the torch and leading our communities forward continue their visionary work. Vision 2030 will indeed become reality through the stewardship, passion and dedication of those who care enough to take ideas and turn them into action. I urge all of us to join together in this journey.
Tammie Delaney
Tammie Delaney
Vision 2030 Project Manager

Vision 2030


Vision 2030 is a series of strong statements about the values that matter most to the people of Routt County. Just like the river that runs through it, the common thread of all of the communities within our county is our love for the Yampa Valley, our neighbors, heritage and sense of place. Throughout this report, as we speak of community, we are referring to the entire county.

Vision 2020, presented in 1994, set the stage for community input and has proven to be a strong planning and community development tool. It has been used by community planning commissions, county commissioners, grant writers, community activists and civic organizations. The report has helped develop and enforce strong master plans, foster community efforts and secure more than $25 million in grant funding. The Vision 2030 Citizens’ Committee has made every effort to build upon the Vision 2020 document, strengthening and adding to the original concept. Along the way, we discovered that the values of 14 years ago are even more important to the residents of Routt County today.

We are fortunate to have passionate leaders and public officials who truly desire what is best for our valley. Their love for Routt County and its people is apparent, giving their time to wisely guide our community into the future. They have often expressed that if they knew what our community valued, they could be more confident in their decision making, enabling them to stand fast in the face of opposition that could threaten those values. The Vision 2030 process and this Report of Recommendations is that guide. It is the voice of the people of Routt County who chose to participate in this process.

Our heartfelt thanks to the citizens of Routt County for your time, insight and energies while participating in the Vision 2030 process. Your involvement in community meetings, answering surveys, volunteering and caring so deeply about this place we call home allowed this report to become valuable.

Because of your commitment, Routt County now has a clearer vision of our future.

I became involved with the Vision 2030 process because of my love for this beautiful valley and the concerns that I have for our future. Having been born, raised and continuing to live on a cattle ranch in the Elk River Valley, I know the impacts that changes have had on our landscapes, wildlife, natural resources, culture, heritage and way of life. My biggest hope is that we are able to pass this wonderful life on to our children and their heirs in a way that will make them proud of us.

Vision 2030 has deepened my appreciation of and respect for the residents of Routt County who care so deeply about our future.
Marsha Daughenbaugh
Marsha Daughenbaugh
Vision 2030 Co-chair

When I came to the Yampa Valley nearly 30 years ago I came to visit a friend for a couple of days.. Well, we all know how that goes: It started to snow, I stayed the season, met and married a wonderful man and the rest, as they say, is history. I, like so many of you, fell madly in love with this valley and decided to make it my home. We have raised our children here and own a small business near the mountain.

As the years rolled by, more people came to stay and our community grew. I often wondered, are we being careful with our valley? Are we being good stewards of this land that we have the privilege to live on?

Vision 2030 gave me the opportunity to do my part in ensuring that the Yampa Valley is looked after by those who love it most. It has been an honor to work side-by-side with so many passionate people of Routt County.
Kathy Stokes
Kathy K Stokes
Vision 2030 Co-chair