What’s Next

Citizens’ Stewardship Committee

To ensure that the voice of the community is heard and its desires are carried out by decision makers, the Vision 2030 Citizens’ Committee strongly recommends that one entity embrace this document as a whole, track progress and be accountable for achieving the desired outcomes. Because retaining the heart and soul of Yampa Valley is a long term vision, the challenge will be sustaining the effort over time.

Vision 2030’s fulfillment of the desired outcomes and recommended actions and its measure of success is dependent upon a post-report Citizens’ Stewardship Committee. This committee will meet regularly to track the progress and will include representation from all parts of Routt County and all areas of Routt County life. The composition of the citizens’ stewardship committee is important. The majority of the committee should be citizen volunteers and will also include representation from all municipalities and county governments.

The stewardship committee will need administrative support from county and municipal planning personnel, or may opt to hire a coordinator. To ensure continuity and assist in the transition between the activation of the Citizens’ Stewardship Committee and the Vision 2030 final report publication/acceptance by municipalities, the Citizens’ Committee for Vision 2030 should continue to meet to provide a transition until the Citizens’ Stewardship Committee is functioning.

The primary role of the Citizens’ Stewardship Committee is to:

  • Convene around the desired outcomes and recommended actions to implement items.
  • Monitor progress, successes, challenges and emerging new opportunities.
  • Assure appropriate performance measures are selected and used.
  • Report successes and annual progress through yearly gatherings.
  • Maintain and routinely update the Vision 2030 web site to communicate the function and actions of the committee.
  • Develop timeline for implementation.
  • Develop specific action steps.
  • Set measureable goals.
Action groups
The Citizens’ Stewardship Committee may form action groups that will focus on specific areas of interest, such as transportation, growth management, etc. The action groups’ roles are to convene around the desired outcomes and recommended actions; monitor their progress, successes, challenges and emerging new opportunities; and report on these areas as necessary and required to the citizens’ stewardship committee.